Step 1 - Getting to Know You

At the beginning of a project, we dig deep — getting to know your objectives, defining your style and determining the project scope. Together we review in detail the functional requirements of each space, in terms of how you want to be living. Then we perform a thorough site measure and take photos for reference.

Step 2 - Design Concepts

Inspired by everything we learn in our first meeting with you, we gather concept imagery to capture the look and feel for your project and we create preliminary floor plans to map out the details of how you will use your new spaces. So, at what is typically our second meeting, we present to you the concept images and floor plans for your feedback — and further collaboration. At this meeting we also review a preliminary budget and an outline of our proposed project schedule.

Step 3 - Design Details

Following your approval of the concept direction and preliminary budget, at this stage we further develop floor plans, elevations and other related items in greater detail. Color palettes and materials are refined, each piece of furniture, fabric and equipment is thoughtfully selected with your taste and goals in mind. The resulting design is presented to you for review, revision and final approval.


Step 4 - Project Management

This is when all the detailed decisions we have made together are documented and prepared for implementation. Depending on the scope of your project, this his may include construction drawings, finish specifications, and furniture proposals. Using this documentation, we obtain construction bids, select contractors and execute purchase orders for your new furniture. During this phase, depending on the size of the project, we may be gathering your new furnishings and other smaller items in storage until the space is ready for installation.

Step 5 - Installation

During this final stage, construction work is completed. Any built-in cabinetry or other items fabricated off-site is delivered and installed. We coordinate with the project team (contractors and architects, if present) as well as vendors, helping to oversee that items are installed correctly, and that specifications have been followed properly. Then, when any and all construction work is completed, we schedule one big furniture delivery and installation, usually all in one day, and TA-DAAAA! We know you will love it.