ARPIEKA Founder and Principal Designer MARY JONES

I started ARPIEKA DESIGN STUDIO after spending more than a decade working at award-winning high-end interior design firms in California, New York and Florida.

ARPIEKA specializes in a variety of aesthetics, choosing the right style to compliment the personality of each client and the architecture of each individual home. Let us guide you through our creative and organized 5-step approach to interior design. You can trust us to deliver a beautifully-curated home that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

The name ARPIEKA comes from the street that my family was living on when I was eight years old. The house on Arpieka featured beautiful Modernist architecture, including weathered wood-slatted exterior, high interior ceilings, large circular skylights — and the bathrooms even had bidets! Living with Modern design at a young age sparked my fascination with interiors and planted the seed for what is now ARPIEKA DESIGN STUDIO.

I find design inspiration in art, fashion, travel, food, history and the outdoors. I believe that every interior should provide a sense of arrival, ease and sanctuary. My personal style is Modern and natural, casual and well-curated. I love large windows with floor-to-ceiling white curtains, white walls, wood floors, plants and lots of natural light. My vision is to share the ARPIEKA lifestyle by creating approachable interior designs for beautiful, livable interiors.